emmaheadshotEmma from quirky gifts and homewares store Lark shares her top tips for throwing the bride-to-be a shower she has always dreamed of.

Know your Bride
The most important thing you should consider when throwing a bridal shower is to know your bride. Make sure the activities you organise for the day are suited to her interests. Your bestie might be the type of girl who would love a quiet lunch a winery or a high tea in the comfort of her home, alternatively she may be the type of gal that is better suited to an action packed adventure and would rather go paintballing. Whatever the case may be, keep your bride-to-be the focus of the day.


Many hands make light work
Planning a bridal shower can take a lot of time and effort, so don’t try and do it alone. People love being involved in special occasions like bridal showers, so enlist the help of the other bridesmaids and the bride’s family for support. Organise to catch up with the team over coffee and chat about some ideas for the day. Once you have a plan, divide the responsibilities between the group so everyone is involved in making the bride feel special!

Keep your guests in the loop
Make sure your guests know all of the details of the day including the who, what, where and when, how and why. If your shower is going to be out on location, most guests these days expect to have to contribute money to cover the cost, but it is so important to let them know what the money is going towards. The bride to be should NEVER pay for anything on the day.

Celebrating with food
Bridal showers are a great excuse to break out the champers, and share a delicious meal or some scrumptious finger food and treats. Don’t forget to ask out if there are any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography

Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography

Set the Scene
The easiest way to make an occasion feel that little bit more special is through decorations. Whether you have a particular colour scheme or a theme in mind, using decorations and beautiful party ware can set the entire mood for the day. Pale pinks, whites, blushes and metallic bring a luxe feel, while bright bold colours create a real sense of vibrancy and fun. Consider the type of activities you are undertaking as well as the personality of your bride and choose décor that suits both.



Fun and Games
Games are a fun, easy way to break the ice or keep the fun flowing at a bridal shower. Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

Door Prizes
Scratch cards are a perfect addition to any bridal shower. Have three prize packs up for grabs and at different times of the day/night pass the scratch tickets around for a chance to win a prize. Only one scratch card will reveal a winner in every round! To make the bride the central focus of the game make up a luxurious pamper pack as your last and biggest prize and rig the round so that the bride is the winner of the major prize.

Bridal Bingo
Before it’s time to open the gifts, guests fill the spaces on their card with items the bride-to-be is likely to receive. Keep track as the gifts are opened… five in a row wins!


The Big Quiz
Comprise a list of questions for the groom to answer about himself before the day of the bridal shower. The game is simple. Ask the bride the questions about her husband-to-be to see just how well she knows her man. To put a different spin on this game, whenever she gets an answer wrong she must put a gumball in her mouth and start chewing away. Make this fun and entertaining by asking the groom a mix of standard and obscure questions The more questions she gets wrong the more gum she has to chew and the harder and messier it will become.

Create a keepsake
You want your bestie to remember her bridal shower so why not purchase a beautiful guestbook and get everyone to express their well wishes and wedding day advice. Make it more fun and interesting with the help of a Polaroid camera and plenty of spare film, photo props, stickers, coloured pens and washi tape. Each guest can personalise their own page and the bride will be left with a lovely keepsake.


Make sure everyone is having fun, and enjoy celebrating such a special occasion with your bestie!

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