Can you tell us a bit about Mr Collins Florist?
Mr Collins took over the old West City Florist on Pakington Street in March last year. Mr Collins has renovated the store to a more current approach to floristry and specialises in weddings and events.

What can a bride to be expect when coming into Mr Collins Florist?
Perfection. We strive to offer the highest quality flowers and design bespoke arrangements. We don’t accept any inferior stock from our suppliers so you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality blooms.

How would you describe the style of floral arrangements at Mr Collins Florist?
Mr Collins has trained and completed extensively in China, Germany, England and the United States to keep ahead of the trends of our competitors. We offer a premium service that mainly focusses on classic styling, and also enjoy venturing into on-trend themes that tend to change every second season.

What flowers do you love to work with?
At the moment we love dahlias, orchids and working in particular colour palettes rather than specific varieties.

What is the range of things you can provide for brides?
We offer the full complement of designs for weddings from the bouquets and buttonholes to simple and elaborate hair pieces, circlets, cake toppers and styling for the ceremony and reception venues.

How large-scale can Mr Collins Florist go? What are some of the bigger arrangements you have put together?
Grant, the owner, was previously based in Tasmania and was the preferred supplier to all of the major wedding venues in the north of the state. We have worked on weddings ranging from the most simple and elegant to the most large scale events where we have done installations and flower walls, suspended floral features and even filling Elton John’s dressing and green rooms for two tours in Tasmania with masses of flowers.

What sets Mr Collins Florist apart?
Mr Collins provides the best quality flowers and likes to work in consultation with clients to achieve a desired theme or style. With over 1500 weddings and events under our belt, we are experienced in all styles of floristry and our workmanship is perfect, offering you the peace of mind that your flowers will still look amazing at the end of the wedding day.

What does the team love most about putting together flowers for a wedding?
I think it’s the reaction from our clients that makes it special as the flowers are pretty much the last thing delivered to a bride on her wedding day and it’s nice to be a part of that special moment when we hand over their gorgeous bouquets.

What is something we might not know about Mr Collins Florist?
We have won and placed in the Interflora Florist of the Year for Victoria and Tasmania six times. Grant was also named as one of the 20 Most Influential Florists in the World – only three Australian florists made it to the list.

154 Pakington St, Geelong West
Phone: 03 5229 5298