Tell us a brief history of the business.
Brown’s Mensland has a rich history of excellence dating back to 1956. Having been a staple of the Geelong West community for more than 30 years we’re still as driven as ever in being the first to mind when it comes to anything menswear. The weddings section of the business has continued to be refined into the well-oiled machine that it is today and provides a level of continuity and delivery that is the yardstick of the market. Our proprietary technology and process has been a competitive advantage for us over many years and gets better with every customer.

What makes it stand out?
Our people, our process and our technology.

Why is it so important to have a well fitted suit?
If you’ve ever seen someone in an ill-fitting suit, then the answer is obvious. Regarding your wedding day, we find that most customers will cherish the photos for the rest of their lives and that you will be reminded of so much when you view them. What do you want to remember? Will it the countless compliments you receive and the memory of how effortless the process was? Or will it be the regrets you had in wishing you had done things different? Making the right choice on who you decide to work with in providing the attire will be a key factor.

What can you offer for grooms-to-be?
Value. We offer a level of detail that remains unmatched by our competitors. Our team makes up more than 150 years of experience in menswear making us the authority in style and tailoring. Our offering is custom to every customer, meaning that we deliver a unique blend of stock, service, tailoring and a few trade secrets to deliver a higher value equation than available anywhere else.

What kind of experience does a groom-to-be and his family and friends experience at Brown’s Mensland?
You can be expected to be listened to, advised on, and guided to the right outcome for your situation in a way that seems effortless and natural. We make the complicated, simple.

What about those looking to hire?
Hire is simply another arrow in our quiver which can be a great option for some wedding groups. Hiring verses buying is a conversation that has benefits and disadvantages either way and there is no one size fits all response. If you’re interested to understand how either option compares in your situation, come talk to us

What do you love about what you do?
Making the groom look like a genius/superstar.

158 Pakington Street, Geelong West
Phone: 03 5229 2332

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