Troy Chapman chose Christmas morning to propose to Brigid Beggs, nervously handing her a box from under the tree with a handwritten letter. The pair wed a little more than a year later on February 27, 2016 in Torquay and Troy again captured her heart with his words of admiration. “The speeches were amazing,” says Brigid, who wore a dreamy French guipure lace dress. “They melted my heart – especially Troy’s.”

Brigid and Troy exchanged vows at St Therese Church before celebrating their union with 116 family members and friends at the reception at RACV Torquay.
The entire occasion was classically styled with special touches, including handmade concrete candles and cookies as bonbonnieres. “Make sure the wedding reflects who you are as a couple,” Brigid suggests. “Don’t hold back on anything you have your heart set on.” The primary teacher has fond memories of the dancefloor, where all guests embraced the joy of the evening. “We had a number of pregnant ladies at the wedding and I saw them having a boogie,” she says. “I loved that.”

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Amaline Vitale
Shoes: Wittner
Hair: Blondie Hair + Cosmetica
Make-up: Blondie Hair + Cosmetica Flowers: Smellies
Bridesmaids dresses: Camilla and Marc Suits: Roger David
Rings: Tiffany & Co, Charles Rose, Thomas Jewellers
Ceremony: St. Therese Church
Reception: RACV Torquay Catering:
RACV Torquay
Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography
Cake: Dylan Garnham-Rea
Transport: White Range Rover
Entertainment: Tom and Taylor, Geelong Entertainment Stationery: Two of a Kind Celebrant: Father Linh
Prop hire: Peppa + Peach,
Love Light Letters
Honeymoon destination: Croatia

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