Best friends Cessiah Henderson and Josh Athorn wed at the same Geelong church their respective parents also married. The happy union on May 16, 2015, was abounding with personal touches reflective of the couple’s spirit, including a handmade architrave decorated with fresh blooms by the bride’s mother and golden favours. “We love that our story started with a really good friendship,” Cessiah says. “We were totally ourselves and that’s how our love grew.”

Before Cessiah zipped up her wedding dress in the store, she knew it was the one. “It was nothing like what I envisioned wearing but it fit perfectly and I felt so comfortable and beautiful in it,” she says. The milliner spent the morning of the wedding with her sister and mum Victoria – who also arranged the bouquets, decorated the wedding cake and styled the reception for 80 guests at Zigfrids Dining Hall. “I didn’t really know how it would look until I got there and I was absolutely in awe when I saw it, I bawled my eyes out,” says Cessiah, who has since relocated to Hobart with Josh. “I couldn’t pick just one favourite memory, the whole day was absolutely magical.”

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Rachel Gilbert
Shoes: Witchery
Hair: Blush Makeup Artistry
Make-up: Blush Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Bride’s mum Victoria Henderson Bridesmaids dresses: Modcloth
Suits: Asos, Blue Suede
Rings: Michael Hill, Blue Suede
Ceremony: Geelong Revival Centre
Reception: Zigfrids Dining Hall
Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography
Cake: A friend, decorated by my mum Transport: Greater City Classics
Entertainment: Friends and personal playlist
Stationery: Designed by sister Shiloh, printed via Vistaprint
Celebrant: Pastor Noel Hollins
Prop hire: Ruby & Leo
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii

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