A breathtaking backdrop is the perfect setting for saying “I do”. You will be sure to wow those guests of yours with this stunning shibori backdrop by Shonel Bryant from Nomad Styling



What you will need:

  • White cotton – natural fibres take to the dye better
  • Indigo dye – or any colour you wish to choose
  • Timber dowel
  • Elastic bands
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Scissors
  • Gloves

nomad-method nomad2 nomad3

Step 1: Lay your fabric out, grab a handful and put an elastic band around it. Repeat this step – the more random the better. Make a variance in the size you grab each time for a great result.
Step 2:  When you’ve done the entire strip of fabric, soak it in water (elastic bands as well) and then squeeze it out.
Step 3: Gently submerge your fabric in the dye (ensure you have made this up as per the packet instructions). Note: if your fabric floats up to the top you should hold it underneath the surface. I found 10-15 minutes was ample dying time. For a darker finish try 20 minutes or longer.
Step 4: Remove fabric, wring out and remove elastic bands. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
Step 5: Rinse in water until water is clear and dry.
Step 6: When your fabric is dry, cut it to desired size, align it on your timber dowel and staple into position. We opted for a few different designs for our backdrop, but it also looks very effective with a single piece in the one design. There are plenty of simple fold techniques which produce different effects.

Stylist tip: If you’re going with different prints like we did, keep your florals simple. Don’t go too crazy with varieties as there is so much going on in the backdrop. The florals/greenery is just to add to the design, not detract from it.



Design: Nomad Styling
Photography: Hails & Shine
Florals: Botanica Fresh Flowers
Location: King of the Castle