Hunting for a unique table centrepiece idea? Pears are a timeless touch and this DIY project from Who Loves That will bring a warm glow and rustic feel to your table with its combination of florals, candles, timber and string. Simply change up the colours of your blooms to ensure it suits your overall theme



What you will need:
Flowers (I have used dahlias, green trick, kate, hyacinth and silver birch)
Wooden stumps (Sizes ranging from small to tall)
Coarse jute string (You can find the balls from your local newsagent)
Small paint brush
White acrylic paint
Plastic number stencil
Hot glue gun
Plastic pear (I purchased mine from
You could choose another fruit if it fits better with your theme)
Glass vases (It is up to you how many you want to use.
I have used eight different glass vases and jars ranging from small to large sizes)
Tea-light candles and big wax
Candles (Enough to place in half of the jars/vases)


Step one: Bind your jars/vases with the string using a hot glue gun. Place a drop of the glue at the bottom of your vases to attach the string and begin winding up the vase, securing with another drop of glue at the point where you would like to finish. TIP: To create contrast with the vases, use different lengths of string on each vase. Some vases I have only covered the top, others I have started from the bottom and finished half way and others I have covered the whole vase.

Step two: Using a pen and your stencil, draw the outline of your number onto the pear. Carefully use your paint brush and white paint to fill in the number and leave to dry.

Step three: Once the paint on the pear has dried, place the pear on top of the tallest wooden stump, secure the pear with a drop of glue from your hot glue gun.

Step four: Place the candles into the relevant vases.

Step five: Fill the vases you wish to place the flowers in with cold water. Measure the stems of your flowers against each different size vase and cut to size on an angle. As you add each stem to the vessel remove any leaves that will sit below the water line.

Step six: Place the remaining wooden stumps onto your table and begin placing each vase on top of them. Make sure the wooden stump with your table number is visible and begin styling the remaining candles and flowers around this feature.