Don’t display those wedding rings just anywhere. This simple, sweet project from the clever ladies at will ensure your rings are sitting pretty and photo-ready

bronze ring dish gtbride (2)

What you will need:

Polyclay in any colour (use black under
metallic to give it an aged look if you want to
wipe the edges – or use any other colour.
The current selection is very impressive)
Paint brush
Liquid leaf paint (in bronze or gold)
Ovenproof bowl for the baking part

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Step 1: Oven-hardening clay isn’t super soft. It’s actually quite tough to get started sometimes. What I did to speed up the flattening process was break the clay up into little bits. Then I rolled it with a rolling pin using all my body weight.
Step 2: Use scissors to cut an imperfect circle. Mine was about 3 inches across. Use letter stamps to stamp a word or initials into the center of your dish. I used larger stamps, so I stuck with our initials because it’s short and sweet! If you used smaller stamps, you could fit several words instead.
Step 3: Take your stamped circle and mould it into a small bowl to give it shape. This is how I gave my dish a perfectly round shape. Just press the center of the dish lightly and you’ll feel the subtle bowl shape begin to form. Make sure your bowl is oven safe (most are, but make sure), so you can leave it in there to give it shape as it bakes.
Step 4: Follow the baking instructions on your clay package. They differ slightly. When the dish is done baking, allow it to cool completely before you remove it from the bowl. After is has cooled completely, it should slide easily out of the bowl.
Step 5: Paint your dish. I used two coats of liquid leaf on all sides and the edges. If you want to make a coloured dish instead, just choose coloured clay and use glossy accents as your glaze after it’s done baking. No need to use any paint at all!.

bronze ring dish gtbride (3) bronze ring dish gtbride (6)

Who made it happen: 

Concept and styling:
Photography: Elsie Larson