Bread board, bread knife, 2 spoons

Large cheese board
3 cheese knives
2 dip/pâté knives
1 dip bowl
1 even smaller bowl for quince paste

3 cheeses (hard, soft and blue), prosciutto, 1 x dip, 2 cracker varieties, quince or fig paste, fresh breads (think baguettes, olive bread or even a little fruit bread for my favourite combination), fresh fruits (think grapes, strawberries, figs and blueberries), selection of nuts and dried fruit, fresh sprigs of garden herbs for garnish

1. Place your main items, cheeses, dips and quince paste on the board to start your framework.
2. Now you can start to build around them with your next biggest items. Placing your small bunches of grapes against each cheese, as well as your cracker and bread selections.
3. As you place the prosciutto, twist and pile it up to create another texture within your board.
4. See all the little holes between the bigger items? Start to trickle and fill those holes with cashews, walnuts, dried apricots, dried or fresh figs and maybe a few pretzels.
5. Finally, place a few fresh strawberries around your platter, and garnish with a little homegrown freshness from the garden, such as a few sprigs of rosemary

You eat with your eyes, so if it’s looking fresh, colourful and abundant, it’s a guaranteed winner.
Everybody has a buddy. When you’re arranging the board, think about like you’re making a suggestion for what pairs well. Fruit bread next to a soft or blue cheese, olive bread next to the dip, sliced fig or pear with a blue cheese.
I’m also a big believer in balance over symmetry. Keep the colour and ingredients balanced on your board, but it doesn’t need to match.
In warmer weather, lean towards the harder cheeses, and swap out the cured meats for in-season fresh fruits.

Choosing platter ingredients is fun. Head to your local deli and just get curious. Some of my suggestions around Geelong with the best cheese ranges are Harveys of Highton, The Fresh Food Merchant, Geelong Fresh Foods, and East Fruit Market.

If you’re looking to feed a group for a meal with your platter, you should be planning for 500-700g of food per person. But if you’re like me and would prefer for there to be more than enough food, go with 600-800g per person. If it’s just a graze before or after dinner, wind that back to 200-300g per person.

I love wine … I love cheese. A gathering with both, is my favourite.
Here’s a few suggested wine pairings:
Pinot noir and brie
Sauvignon blanc and goat cheese
An aged port and blue cheese
Prosecco and something sharper and bitier like a parmesan

Photography: Hails & Shine


Weddings can be beautiful, grand, and such a special day to celebrate.
Love is all around, and you and your nearest and dearest are eating well, drinking well, and there are plenty of congratulatory hugs and of course, many of your guests will adorn you with a gift or two.
For those looking to spread the love a little further, there are so many ways to give back to those who need it most.
Many not for profit organisations offer ways for people to incorporate a donation into your wedding.

Save the Children,
a worldwide children advocacy organisation, offers a simple way to contribute.
Couples can ask their guests to make a donation to Save the Children Australia instead of, or on top of, buying a gift for you.
A personalised online donation page can include photos and information about your special event. The link can then be easily emailed to your friends and family.
Your loved ones can leave you messages of support and congratulations along with their donation to Save the Children Australia.
Interested brides and grooms can email to organise the donation as the amount donated per guest is up to the bride and groom. Save The Children asks for a minimum donation of $3.50 per guest.

There are many other charities that also accept donations in honour of your weddings, so you can most certainly choose to support the cause of your choice.
Bonbonnieres are a cute way to say thank you to each guest for coming to your nuptials. But let’s face it, many get left behind, unused or forgotten about.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation makes Starlight Wedding Favours, a way to thank your guests with a personalised donation to help bring fun and laughter to seriously ill children in hospital.
From just $4 per guest, every Starlight Wedding Favour includes a personalised 90x52mm card with a silver or gold Starlight pin.
They come in a range of designs from classic and sparkly, to elegant and fun.
So much more meaningful than a cookie.
CLICK HERE to find out more.

Dementia Australia,
a supporter of more than 400,000 Australians suffering from the disease, offers a similar service.
The charity has a $5 awareness pin and personalised card, a wonderful way to support those with the disease and honour those no longer with you on your wedding day.
Call 1300 636 679 or email to make an inquiry.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which provides support services, including food, healthcare and employment, to asylum seekers, offers both a donation page or a wedding favour.
CLICK HERE or email to find out more.

Many more charities offer these kinds of services; so do your research and find one that aligns with what you’re passionate about, making your wedding even more about love.


There is nothing better than waking up well rested after a long, peaceful night of sleep.
However, with a wedding to plan added to the daily stresses of work, family and other commitments, sleep can often take a back seat.
Sleep coach Cheryl Fingleson explains prioritising a good night’s rest is extremely important.
“New sleep research shows one in five Australians take three or more sick days a year because of exhaustion,” she says.
“The cost to employers is $3.7 billion a year, according to the 2018 Sealy Sleep Census, and it’s only set to get worse.”
She has developed some methods and techniques to make sure you get ample beauty sleep to make sure you are rested and feeling your best on your big day.

Take a sleep audit

Over the next few days, make a note of when you go to sleep, when you wake up and rate your quality of sleep out of ten. Don’t rely on a phone app, smart watch or fitness tracker to do this job. Keep electronics out of your sleep space and use pen and paper.
Note down when you drink caffeinated drinks; refined carbohydrates or junk food. Record what exercise you do and when, as well as how much time you spend outside in sunlight. In the evening, record how long you spend on a screen and when you turn them off.
Have a look at your wind down routine: do you meditate, shower or read before bed? Then observe your sleep space: is your bedroom very cluttered; do you have light blocking blinds or curtains; is there a lot of noise; is your room or bedding too hot or too cold?
And this is a big one: in the middle of the night, how many times do you reach to check your phone?

Make sleep your number one priority

Obesity, type 2 diabetes and other chronic and often deadly health conditions are linked to inadequate sleep so it’s really important to make it a priority.

Now you know what your bad and good habits are, you can take some proactive first steps, including:
1. No caffeine after midday; follow a healthy, low-refined carbohydrate diet, avoid junk food and sugary foods, especially in the evening.
2. Consider your exercise routine: if you sleep badly after working out in the evening, hit the gym earlier in the day.

3. Get out in natural sunlight once a day for at least twenty minutes to help reset your body clock.
4. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, seven days a week. Studies show a sleep debt from the week can’t be paid off at the weekend.
5. Have an electronic sunset in the evening: dim the lights, lower the noise, no screens at least an hour before bed. Don’t binge watch television shows late into the night.
6. Make your sleep space conducive to rest. Don’t use heavy, hot bed covers; keep the temperature around 18 to 20 degrees; keep out artificial and natural lights.

7. Write a worry list an hour before bed. If you wake up in the night with your mind racing, transferring them onto paper can help remove them from your thoughts.
8. If you struggle to get to sleep, or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, go and do something else away from your bed. Don’t stay there tossing and turning and stressing. Read a book in the lounge. Don’t go on your phone.
9. Keep phones out of the bedroom. I can’t stress this enough. Checking emails, social media or texts in the middle of the night is one of the main culprits for sleep disturbance.
10. Lastly, sleep well – your body and bank balance will thank you.


Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

Planning your wedding day and in
need of a little expert advice?

We can help!

We are excited to invite you to join us at our “Plan Your Day Soirée” on
Tuesday, May 8 at Le Parisien Restaurant on the Geelong waterfront.

Enjoy some French bubbles and delicious canapes while you listen to our two expert panels discuss all the insider knowledge you need to plan your one perfect day. From wedding styling to photography, flowers and beauty advice, we have you covered.

GT BRIDE editor Kylie Oliver will emcee the night and panel members will include special guest Renée Enright, along with Laura Harvey from Weddings of Desire, Rebeccah Vivian from Blondie, Emma McFarlane from Blush Bar, Karen Bourdamis from Pearls and Roses, Erin Cusack from Florette, Emily Ditcham from Cakesmith, Amy Bacon from Le Parisien and Stephanie Lee Bevan from Stephlee Photography.

We have 150 places available and tickets cost $30 each.

Everyone receives a goody bag which is valued at more than $250  including a copy of
GT BRIDE magazine, GT JOURNAL magazine, a $50 Le Parisien voucher and other goodies. You will receive a glass of French sparkling on arrival, as well as canapés through the evening. Drinks will be at bar prices.

Join us for this fun and informative evening from 7-9pm.

Get your tickets here 


Photography: Hails & Shine

Channel your inner florist and add vibrant colour to your home with this gorgeous flower arrangement. Alice Shepherd from She’s A Wildflower takes your through it step-by-step

Vessel – tip: select a shallow vessel with a wide opening;
Chicken wire; Floral tape – also called pot tape;
Lazy Susan (optional, but very handy);
3-5 bunches of flowers (you may not need to use all the stems from each bunch,
but having a variety makes for an interesting arrangement);
2-3 bunches of foliage (same as above, you may not require full bunches).
1. Measure the chicken wire so that it is approximately twice the width of the opening of the vessel you are using. Repeat this so you have two sheets of chicken wire and fold them over one another to create a ball like shape;
2. Wedge the chicken wire at the bottom of the vessel and to secure place two pieces of floral tape in a criss-cross over the top of the wire (as pictured) leaving approximately 1-2cm of tape on the vessel;
3. Fill the vessel with water approximately halfway to the top, do not overfill as the water level will rise as you begin to place your flowers and you can always top up the water level at the end if required;
4. If working on a low bench or table, elevate the vessel to waist height and use the Lazy Susan to allow you to easily view your arrangement at all angles;
5. Begin by placing foliage around the outside of the vessel to hide your mechanics (chicken wire and tape), place only a couple of stems in the centre and ensure you leave space for your flowers;
6. When placing your flowers, use the heavier items first (eg: natives or branches);
7. Place your other flowers amongst the foliage and chicken wire, be careful not to force stems. To create depth, cut flowers at different lengths so they are layered (but not squished!) – avoid creating lines where the same flower is vertically or horizontally adjacent to one another;
8. Repeat the above step until you have achieved your desired arrangement, remember to always turn your arrangement and stand back and view it from all angles to ensure your mechanics are covered;
9. Top up with water if required;
10. Stand back and admire your creation!

● I encourage you to select your favourite flowers and foliage! I would recommend choosing seasonal flowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours;
● Don’t be afraid to forage for interesting flowers;
● Alternatively, visit your local florist and ask for their assistance in selecting the flowers and foliage for the desired look of your arrangement;
● Try choosing at least one delicate flower that you can use high in your arrangement, that “dances” above the other flowers;
● Raid your fruit bowl and pop some small pears or apples low in your arrangement, stick a couple of skewers into the fruit and place them in the arrangement.

Summer: dahlias, David Austin roses, amaranthus, celosea;
Autumn: hydrangea (also a summer flower but the autumn tones are to die for), autumn foliage such as maple;
Winter: ranunculus, blossom, hyacinths, poppies, sweet pea.
Spring: peonies, lily of the valley, daphne, lilac.


1. Select seasonal flowers just as you would with your fruit and veg. Seasonal, locally grown flowers are often cheaper as there is more supply and they should last longer. Ask your florist to guide you as to what is in season (or see my suggestions below).
2. Select flowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours.
3. Don’t be afraid to forage, most of the interesting flowers and foliages could be hiding deep in the back of your (or your neighbour’s) garden.
4. For an on-trend (or fail safe) look, opt for a large bunch of foliage or fruit stems instead of flowers.


• Remove any foliage from the stems that will be below the water line to prevent bacterial growth (tip: keep any little flower offcuts and pop them in small bud vases to place around the home).
• Recut the stems (approx. 1cm) on an angle, repeat every two days. Cutting on an angle creates a larger surface area allowing stems to drink more water.
• Keep them in a cool room and out of direct sunlight, if placed in a heated environment they will wilt quicker.
• Refresh the water and wash the vase daily if possible, or every two days.


1. Choose your vase wisely, the smaller the opening of the vase, the less flowers you will have to use (being cheaper) and the easier it is to handle and arrange. Keep your proportions in mind. For example, a tall bunch of blossom will require a tall vase.
2. Keep it simple. Don’t put yourself under pressure by trying to arrange the perfect mixed posy, try using just one variety in each vase and group a few vases together so it looks abundant, everything looks fabulous en masse!
3. When placing flowers in a vase start by criss crossing shorter stems, leaning them on the side of the vase to create a grid that will support the following stems to stay upright. Keep tall stems to the centre. Gradually add in shorter stems to create a dome-like arrangement, allowing your flowers to fall naturally;
4. If using flowers and foliage in the same vase, ensure your flowers sit higher than the foliage as they are the focal point.



Photography: iStock

Nurturing your relationship is vital in maintaining the kindness, respect and romance all of us desire in a marriage that is made to last

Planning a wedding can be stressful, not only on the bride, but the groom and the relationship as a whole.
However, it is important to ensure the perfect wedding day doesn’t come at the detriment to the bond that brought you together in the first place.
There are some things couples can keep in mind to ensure their relationship stays strong through the process to ensure a lead up into a happy marriage ahead.
Civil celebrant Wendy Spalding can spend up to 18 months working with a couple prior to a wedding. She tailors each ceremony to a couple so no two are the same.
Wendy says it is important for her to get to know a couple before the big day to ensure her part in the wedding is exactly what the couple envisions.
“There is a lot of contact,” she says.

gtbride_love-3 gtbride_love-4
During that time, she sees some couples who can get through the planning without any stress.
However, she says some couples, after months of planning, can feel quite strained come the wedding day.
“There is a lot of pressure,” she says.
With everything that is going on during the planning stages, it can be easy to ignore the relationship itself.
Wendy says it is important for a couple to maintain the romance that brought them together in the first place.
“Yes, the wedding is important,” she says.
“But it’s also important to still do the things they used to do prior.
“Whether that be date night or visiting family and friends.”
She encourages couples to try to make time for one-another even when things become hectic during the planning.
“It’s important to maintain that balance,” she says.
Wendy says it is also important to be honest during the planning to ensure that the big day reflects the couple.

gtbride_love-5 gtbride_love-1
“Lines of communication need to stay open,” she says.
“Whether it be the bride or the groom who does not like a song that is selected or something with the seating plan, they need to voice that.”
After all the excitement, everything can feel flat post-wedding.
Getting a marriage off on the right foot could possibly set up a stronger and happier marriage to come.
Wendy says she is still in contact with many of the couples she has married as a celebrant.
She says when the big day is over, there are things couples can do to kick-off their marriage in the best possible way.
Setting shared goals is a good start.
“Couples need to sit down and share their goals,” she says.
“Whether that be big things like buying a house or smaller things like going on weekend trips or going to the movies.”


Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

How do you make your wedding stick out in everyone’s minds for years to come? Think outside the box to create an event they will never forget

Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most memorable days of your life.
But how to do you make it one of the most memorable days of your guests’ lives?

Go digital
Create a website for your guests to visit to see all of the details of the upcoming nuptials. The beauty of this is you can make it extra personal by adding elements you cannot in hard copy such as a gallery of photos and music. You can also update the page whenever you like if things change along the way. Something like this will really stick in people’s minds in the lead up to the big day.

Location, location, location
Choose a unique wedding location to keep your guests talking for years to come. Love nature? Get married at a plantation or on a property instead of a venue. It will require a lot of work, bringing in everything you need on-site, however, the pay-off is something very unique. Just make sure you get the relevant permission first!

Photography: Rebecca Smith Photography

Photography: Rebecca Smith Photography

Get the guests involved
What better way to make your guests feel like they are a part of your special day than by actually getting them to become an integral part of your festivities?
Newtown couple Caroline and Chris involved their guests with a ‘guess who’ style pass-the-parcel game – a great way to get everyone mingling to have a fun night together.

Sweet somethings
With epic food creations taking over social media, you know something sweet and interesting will keep your guests talking long after the reception is over.
A cocktail slushie machine or an ice cream sundae bar could be what puts your festivities at the forefront of people’s minds.
Treat the coffee lovers to barista made coffee or, perhaps, even an espresso martini.

Photography: Nikole Ramsay

Photography: Nikole Ramsay

Make it a family affair
Give your day a sentimental touch most people can relate to and ensure your family is front and centre for your celebrations to make it a memorable event that tugs at the heartstrings.
Ask a family member who might not traditionally have a role in the ceremony, like your grandparents, to be involved.
Revamp your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress or say ‘I do’ in the same place your parents did.
Cate and Dan asked Dan’s 12-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister to MC their festivities, which was a hit with the guests.

A memorable surprise
Sometimes what makes your wedding stand out is something out of the blue and out of your control.
Catherine and Joel’s friends performed a hand written rap for them on their big day.
If you are going to be in a wedding sometime soon, consider crafting a creative surprise for your close friend or family member.

Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

Get creative
Wedding favours can come in all different shapes and sizes. Are you crafty? Do you enjoy a bit of DIY? Make your own custom presents for your guests to ensure they receive something meaningful and memorable.

Photography: Brown Paper Parcel

Photography: Brown Paper Parcel

Extra treat
Planning a day of celebration that you know you will not want to end when the bar announces last call? Keep the party going.
Set up a ‘recovery day’ style brunch or barbecue the day after your wedding to reminisce on a wonderful celebration. A two-day event is bound to stick in people’s minds for a long time.

Whatever you decide to do to make your wedding stand out above the rest – make sure it is something that sticks in your memory as the best day ever.


emmaheadshotEmma from quirky gifts and homewares store Lark shares her top tips for throwing the bride-to-be a shower she has always dreamed of.

Know your Bride
The most important thing you should consider when throwing a bridal shower is to know your bride. Make sure the activities you organise for the day are suited to her interests. Your bestie might be the type of girl who would love a quiet lunch a winery or a high tea in the comfort of her home, alternatively she may be the type of gal that is better suited to an action packed adventure and would rather go paintballing. Whatever the case may be, keep your bride-to-be the focus of the day.


Many hands make light work
Planning a bridal shower can take a lot of time and effort, so don’t try and do it alone. People love being involved in special occasions like bridal showers, so enlist the help of the other bridesmaids and the bride’s family for support. Organise to catch up with the team over coffee and chat about some ideas for the day. Once you have a plan, divide the responsibilities between the group so everyone is involved in making the bride feel special!

Keep your guests in the loop
Make sure your guests know all of the details of the day including the who, what, where and when, how and why. If your shower is going to be out on location, most guests these days expect to have to contribute money to cover the cost, but it is so important to let them know what the money is going towards. The bride to be should NEVER pay for anything on the day.

Celebrating with food
Bridal showers are a great excuse to break out the champers, and share a delicious meal or some scrumptious finger food and treats. Don’t forget to ask out if there are any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography

Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography

Set the Scene
The easiest way to make an occasion feel that little bit more special is through decorations. Whether you have a particular colour scheme or a theme in mind, using decorations and beautiful party ware can set the entire mood for the day. Pale pinks, whites, blushes and metallic bring a luxe feel, while bright bold colours create a real sense of vibrancy and fun. Consider the type of activities you are undertaking as well as the personality of your bride and choose décor that suits both.



Fun and Games
Games are a fun, easy way to break the ice or keep the fun flowing at a bridal shower. Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

Door Prizes
Scratch cards are a perfect addition to any bridal shower. Have three prize packs up for grabs and at different times of the day/night pass the scratch tickets around for a chance to win a prize. Only one scratch card will reveal a winner in every round! To make the bride the central focus of the game make up a luxurious pamper pack as your last and biggest prize and rig the round so that the bride is the winner of the major prize.

Bridal Bingo
Before it’s time to open the gifts, guests fill the spaces on their card with items the bride-to-be is likely to receive. Keep track as the gifts are opened… five in a row wins!


The Big Quiz
Comprise a list of questions for the groom to answer about himself before the day of the bridal shower. The game is simple. Ask the bride the questions about her husband-to-be to see just how well she knows her man. To put a different spin on this game, whenever she gets an answer wrong she must put a gumball in her mouth and start chewing away. Make this fun and entertaining by asking the groom a mix of standard and obscure questions The more questions she gets wrong the more gum she has to chew and the harder and messier it will become.

Create a keepsake
You want your bestie to remember her bridal shower so why not purchase a beautiful guestbook and get everyone to express their well wishes and wedding day advice. Make it more fun and interesting with the help of a Polaroid camera and plenty of spare film, photo props, stickers, coloured pens and washi tape. Each guest can personalise their own page and the bride will be left with a lovely keepsake.


Make sure everyone is having fun, and enjoy celebrating such a special occasion with your bestie!

To shop for your ultimate bridal shower, CLICK HERE. 



Making sure your skin and body is in the best condition it can be before the wedding takes time – and a little help from some cutting edge technology

You have booked in your tan, your nails and your make-up.
But what else can you do to ensure you look and feel amazing on your wedding day?
We have sourced the newest and most popular beauty treatment trends available in the Geelong region.

Clear and brilliant skin
Vitality Medispa owner and dermal therapist Annette Harman says her spa’s Clear and Brilliant treatment improves skin tone, texture and radiance, reduces the appearance of pores and renews soft and smooth skin texture for naturally radiant and glowing skin.
Annette says the fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment is the only one of its kind in the Geelong area.
“It’s all about boosting collagen, plumping the skin and reducing pores,” she says.
“It refreshes the skin.”
Annette says the medical treatment was comfortable without the downtime many other laser treatments have.
“You will feel sunburnt for four to six hours and there will be some redness,” she says.


Feather brow tattooing
Beauty precision owner Alanna Reinert says eyebrow tattooing has been revolutionised with this procedure, which creates a very natural look.
The semi-permanent procedure looks natural and can provide a strong eyebrow game for a bride-to-be.
“Brides all want those perfect brows on the day,” she says.

Lash lifting
A lash lift defines, curls and enhances your natural lashes for up to eight weeks depending on your natural lash cycle. Alanna says the treatment is an alternative to eyelash extensions, which uses silicone pads to lift the lashes to create a subtle curve.
“So your lashes are flawless for the wedding and the honeymoon,” she says.

Skin DNA
This concept involves a DNA swab being sent off to a lab to get a personalised skin analysis to determine a tailor-made skincare routine.
Alanna recommends brides do the Skin DNA test six to 12 months before the wedding

Teeth whitening
A white wedding can be more than just the dress. Alanna says Beauty Precision offers a teeth whitening treatment which does the job without the harsh peroxide.

Going deeper
Body Recon cosmetic clinic manager Adele Bartram Goodall says its most popular bridal prep is skin treatments and injectables.
“However, we have seen a large rise in laser tattoo removal and even breast enlargement and face surgery such as rhinoplasty,” she says.
“This isn’t limited to just brides, often it’s an excuse for the rest of the family including the mother-of-the-bride or groom, father-of-the-bride or groom or even the groom himself to ‘tweak’ things they may of always wanted done.”
Adele advises anyone interested in cosmetic work to plan well in advance.
“Ideally the longer prep, the better it will be,” she says.


Skin rejuvenation
Making your skin look fresh is not a new idea, however, the way it can be done has never been more effective.
Australian Skin, Face and Body dermal clinician Fiona Priddle says mixing medicine with a skin treatment can get better results.
“In the practice we have a GP and a plastic surgeon attached so we can offer the latest in all treatments,” she says.
She says brides are opting for skin peels, LED treatments and laser treatments to combat skin redness and pigmentation.
Fiona says brides should come in between six to 12 months of their wedding day for the best results
She says after a one-on-one consultation, a treatment plan is laid out for the bride-to-be, with generally one treatment each month.

Laser hair removal
This hair reduction treatment is an investment for the long term.
Fiona says although it isn’t new, laser hair removal treatment has become more popular than ever.
“Because laser is a permanent reduction, a bride’s skin is smoother on the day, with less chance of break-outs or ingrown hairs,” she says.
She says face and underarm treatments are the most popular with brides.
Like a big drink of water for your skin, this Natural Harry smoothie is chock-a-block full of all the hydrating and free-radical fighting vitamins and minerals your skin craves.


Serves 2
Prep time: 5 minutes
1 frozen banana, cut into chunks
1 cup (130g) mixed berries, fresh or frozen
10 fresh mint leaves
1 mango cheek, peeled
1⁄2 cup (50g) cucumber, diced
1⁄2 cup (50g) pineapple, peeled and diced
1 1⁄2 cups (375ml) coconut water or purified water
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon acai powder (optional)
To serve:
2 sprigs of fresh mint (optional)
Small handful of berries (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender.
Pulse to combine and blend until smooth.
Sprinkle with a few berries and some mint.
Serve and enjoy!

Recipe from Natural Harry recipe book by Harriet Birrell, available for $49.95 at


Sustained energy and a blushing bridal glow starts with a healthy pre-wedding breakfast
full of fresh, nutritious ingredients, Meagan Rooth writes

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with clean, nutritious foods on the morning of your wedding to ensure vibrant, long-lasting energy throughout the day.
Fuelling yourself with the right breakfast will have you striding from ceremony to photoshoot to dinner to dancefloor full of radiance and enthusiasm.
Mel Swan and Dee Ogden, of Surf Coast healthy treat venture The Kindness Co, say eating properly is an important foundation for the demanding occasion.
“Focus on positive thoughts, create an uplifting and peaceful environment and choose to nourish your body with raw, alkaline foods to support a well-functioning body brimming with vitality and stamina for the big day,” they say.
“Choosing healthy, fuss-free wholefoods will help you feel fantastic and enjoy every minute.”
The clean-eating duo recommends an organic smoothie as the perfect pre-wedding breakfast, for many reasons.
Packed full of fruit, vegetables, herbs and delicious bases such as coconut water, the cool beverage is easy to sip and feels light in a nervous stomach.
Smoothies are nutrient rich, with antioxidants and plenty of fibre to help you feel fuller for longer.
“Raw foods contain the highest percentage of natural concentrated energy and life force,” they say.
“Blending fruits and vegies makes digestion easier. Within 20 minutes the nutrients are already working.”
Other options include coconut water, crunchy fresh fruit and vegetable grazing platters and bliss balls made of almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut oil and dates.


½ avocado
½ banana
½ pear
¼ cucumber
Handful of seasonal greens (kale, spinach)
1 tbs chia seeds
4 Brazil nuts
30g coconut flesh
1 cup coconut water
½ cup filtered Water
Combine, blend until smooth and creamy