Renée Enright and Kylie Oliver

Almost 100 people, including brides-to-be, their families and friends, gathered at Le Parisien Restaurant on the Geelong Waterfront for the Plan Your Day Soirée, presented by GT BRIDE on Tuesday. The intimate event gave those planning a special day insider advice on all things weddings while enjoying canapés, French bubbles and plenty of other goodies. Editor Kylie Oliver led the evening, interviewing two panels of industry experts including fashion stylist Renée Enright and representatives from Blondie, Blush Bar, Florette, Pearls & Roses Bridal, Weddings of Desire, Geelong Celebrant Collective, Cakesmith, Stephlee Photography and Le Parisien.

The 2018 edition of GT BRIDE is out June 30.

Emily Ditcham, Laura Harvey and Rebeccah Vivien

Paris and Julie Lewis

Nicole Penning and Laura Sexton

Lisa Swan and Chelsea Leembruggen

Lauren O’Toole and Cassie Buckley

Lauren Mills and Simone Weidner

Anna Fry and Kate Leyonhjelm

Danika Pamplin and Gemma Borgwardt

Erin Cusack and Steph Bevan

Georgina Rolls and Tara Muffet

Jade Dowling, Rosie Law and Emily Dowling

Joanne and Lucy McFarlane

Angela and Lucy Sheehan

Amy Bacon and Emma McFarlane

Alex Jones, Annie Taylor, Kiara Coceani and Tessa Carr

Peter Temple and Karen Bourdamis

Phoebe Anderson, Louise and Mel Blake

Ruby Thompson, Amy Gill, Sarah Taylor and Amy Bacon

Photos: Jackie Paige Sanders and Stephlee Photography