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Nurturing your relationship is vital in maintaining the kindness, respect and romance all of us desire in a marriage that is made to last

Planning a wedding can be stressful, not only on the bride, but the groom and the relationship as a whole.
However, it is important to ensure the perfect wedding day doesn’t come at the detriment to the bond that brought you together in the first place.
There are some things couples can keep in mind to ensure their relationship stays strong through the process to ensure a lead up into a happy marriage ahead.
Civil celebrant Wendy Spalding can spend up to 18 months working with a couple prior to a wedding. She tailors each ceremony to a couple so no two are the same.
Wendy says it is important for her to get to know a couple before the big day to ensure her part in the wedding is exactly what the couple envisions.
“There is a lot of contact,” she says.

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During that time, she sees some couples who can get through the planning without any stress.
However, she says some couples, after months of planning, can feel quite strained come the wedding day.
“There is a lot of pressure,” she says.
With everything that is going on during the planning stages, it can be easy to ignore the relationship itself.
Wendy says it is important for a couple to maintain the romance that brought them together in the first place.
“Yes, the wedding is important,” she says.
“But it’s also important to still do the things they used to do prior.
“Whether that be date night or visiting family and friends.”
She encourages couples to try to make time for one-another even when things become hectic during the planning.
“It’s important to maintain that balance,” she says.
Wendy says it is also important to be honest during the planning to ensure that the big day reflects the couple.

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“Lines of communication need to stay open,” she says.
“Whether it be the bride or the groom who does not like a song that is selected or something with the seating plan, they need to voice that.”
After all the excitement, everything can feel flat post-wedding.
Getting a marriage off on the right foot could possibly set up a stronger and happier marriage to come.
Wendy says she is still in contact with many of the couples she has married as a celebrant.
She says when the big day is over, there are things couples can do to kick-off their marriage in the best possible way.
Setting shared goals is a good start.
“Couples need to sit down and share their goals,” she says.
“Whether that be big things like buying a house or smaller things like going on weekend trips or going to the movies.”