Top 10 Chapels to Say ‘I Do’

A breathtaking backdrop can made your special day even more special, something truly unique to remember. has listed 10 spectacular and unforgettable chapels for the ultimate destination wedding.

1. Chapel of the Holy Cross, Arizona, USA – In a remarkable display of nature and architecture coming together, this Roman Catholic chapel resembles a piece of art. Built into the red rock of Sedona, it was inspired by the Empire State Building.
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2. Church of the Good Shepherd, Fairlie, New Zealand – On the shores of Lake Tekapo and built from durable stone and oak, this church’s surroundings have been left in its pristine and natural state, making visitors feel like they’ve stepped back in time.
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3. Holy Trinity Chapel, Antarctica – Antarctica may not immediately spring to mind when searching for a romantic destination, but this Siberian Pine chapel is the perfect venue if you’re dreaming of a white wedding. Originally built in Russia in the 90s, it is manned by volunteer priests year-round.
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4. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas, USA – Created by a retired school teacher, this awe-inspiring glass chapel boasts 425 windows to showcase the lush Eureka Springs forest outside, allowing guests to get in touch with their spirituality and feel at one with the wildlife.
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5. All Saints Chapel, Hamilton Island, Australia – In our own backyard, this idyllic chapel is nestled amongst the lush gardens overlooking Catseye Bay. For tropical weddings, it doesn’t get much better than this!
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6. Chapel in Valleacerón, Almadén, Spain – Like an abandoned UFO, this astonishing and angular building contrasts dramatically with the rural landscape on which it sits. There’s a remarkable curiosity about it, which was designed to mimic the lines of a ‘box fold’.
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7. The Yosemite Valley Chapel, Yosemite Valley, USA – Surrounded by magnificent cliffs, meadows and Yosemite Falls, this building is the oldest man-made structure in the heart of Yosemite National Park. With a quaint, New England-style design and gorgeous natural setting, it is incredibly scenic.
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8. Chapel on The Rock, Colorado, USA – Despite recent setbacks – including fire and flood – this extraordinary chapel that sits atop a massive granite rock near Rocky Mountain National Park continues to act as a sacred place of worship for locals and visitors alike (including Pope John Paul II in 1993).
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9. St. Nicholas Chapel, Georgioupolis, Crete – Located about 100 metres out into the Sea of Crete, this Mediterranean chapel was originally built as a guardian for sailors and fishermen. The whitewashed building against the sparkling azure sea showcases Greek architecture at its best and is the perfect setting for a romantic holiday union.
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10. Chapel of St. Michael’s Church, Hallstatt, Austria – A little bit eerie and whole lot fascinating, the aptly-named, “Bone House” (Beinhaus) in the chapel of St. Michael’s Church is a must-see for quirky couples look to have a memorable wedding. While there is a display of over 1,200 decorated skulls, visitors will also be faced with picturesque rolling views of the mountains, lake and town below.
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