Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography. Flowers: Geelong Flower Farm

Flowers have never played such a starring role in every aspect of a wedding celebration and the blossoming trend is bringing a fresh focus to styling the big day

They’re one of the prettiest features of any wedding and more than ever before beautiful blooms are making an impact throughout all areas of a couple’s big day.
Once limited to bridal party bouquets, today’s weddings are using florals like never before – from the ceremony right through to the reception.
The choice of flowers can help dictate the style of the event.
Loose, imperfect arrangements work well with informal weddings, while more formal affairs are complemented by the use of sophisticated, structured floral displays.
When it comes to bouquets, it seems tight, ball-shaped bunches are a trend of the past.
According to Danielle Fraser, who runs Ocean Grove florist Moss Industry, today’s brides are opting for bouquets with bulk, with a freshly-picked look.
“At the moment it’s all about oversized, unstructured and unbalanced bunches,” she says.
“Brides have really moved away from the round bouquets and are going for the more natural, garden-picked look.”


Photography: Hails & Shine

Photography: Hails & Shine. Flowers: Moss Industry

While rustic, mixed bunches continue to prove popular, one of the biggest trends in bridal blooms is arrangements featuring a single variety of flower.
Danielle says old-fashioned favourites such as hydrangeas, gypsophila and dahlias are well and truly back in favour while the perennially popular David Austin roses, garden roses and peonies continue to be much-loved among brides.
“One type of flower en masse is very big at the moment,” Danielle says.
“Gyp has come way back. If it’s just a couple of stems in a bunch it won’t have much impact but en masse it looks fantastic. Hydrangeas are a popular choice with this trend too.”
But bouquets are not always all about flowers. Brides looking to stamp their individuality on their big day are increasingly opting for arrangements which feature everything from twigs, vines and succulents to herbs, fruits and other edibles.
Likewise, the role of foliage in wedding flowers continues to increase, the many varied options available perfect for introducing texture and interest.


Photography: Rebecca Smith Photography

Photography: Rebecca Smith Photography. Flowers: The Woodland Weaver


Photography: Nikole Ramsay. Flowers: Moss Industry

“Years ago you wouldn’t have considered gum leaves as part of a wedding bouquet,” Danielle says. “But now it’s a really popular choice. We are using random things that previously we wouldn’t have looked at twice.
“There are no real rules at the moment. People are doing anything and everything.”
Danielle says there is a strong preference towards flowers which are in season with locally-grown an additional advantage, which not only saves on cost but also ensures arrangements are beautifully fresh.
And the time of year a wedding is held can certainly influence a bride’s choice of blooms.
Danielle says some brides will even select their wedding date based around which flowers are in season, especially when their chosen bloom has limited availability throughout the year.
“We see a lot of brides who get married in November for peonies,” she explains.
“In general seasons are influencing the type of flowers or the colours a bride will choose.
“If you are getting married in late autumn, you might go for dark, moody plum shades mixed with pinks and creams.


Photography: Karina Jade Photography. Flowers: She's A Wildflower

Photography: Karina Jade Photography. Flowers: She’s A Wildflower



Photography: Stephlee Photography. Flowers: Townhouse Living


Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography.

“For a summer wedding we are seeing a lot of green and white which gives that really crisp, elegant look.
“But every season has got something beautiful to offer.”
Flowers also play a strong role in reception styling with modern couples continually finding fabulous ways to incorporate pretty pickings throughout all aspects of a wedding day.
“Florals have become huge,” Danielle says.
“Once it was just the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Now the ceremony side of it is very big. There’s everything from a welcome sign, aisle runner to flowers on chairs and pews.
“Hanging greenery is really big at the moment and we are doing a lot of arches and orbs.”
The floral theme is continued through into reception where cakes are being adorned with bold blooms and cascading floral installations add extra interest to a venue or marquee.
But Danielle says brides are starting to move away from the rustic styling which has been so prevalent in previous years.
While arrangements still have a freshly-picked feel, she says we may be seeing the back of the mason jar phenomenon with those seeking a vintage vibe now looking to achieve it through the use chic accessories such as mismatched antique vases.
“We are going back to table top flowers which are very elegant, Danielle says.


Photography: Brown Paper Parcel. Flowers: Moss Industry