Renee Enright

The wedding dress is a source of lots of interest on the wedding day but, as fashion stylist Renée Enright advises, it pays not to get caught up in what others might want you to wear. Staying true to your own style and what suits you best is the only way to go

I remember the comments starting not long after I became engaged, “ooo I can’t wait to see the dress you’ll wear” and, as the wedding day neared the comments kept coming, “I am so excited to see your dress”.
I started feeling immense pressure that my dress had to be THE most amazing thing anyone had ever seen.
Why were people so fixated on my dress?
The truth is it wasn’t just my dress. There is so much emphasis these days on every bride’s dress, her hair, her make-up – every last detail of her complete look that it can leave any bride-to-be embarking on their dress journey feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed.

I was that bride who knew exactly what kind of look I wanted right from the get-go – simple, effortless and relaxed, a gown that wasn’t too bridey bride.
But I found myself second-guessing my own style and vision, feeling I would let down people’s expectations of what THEY thought I should be wearing on my special day.
With so many other decisions hanging over your head when planning a wedding – from venue, to food, entertainment and don’t forget the dreaded guest list (you know how it goes, mum wants to invite her third cousin’s next door neighbour that you’ve never met. Beware, it’s a real thing!) – the last thing any soon-to-be bride needs is extra stress and uncertainty about something that’s supposed to be so exciting.
Staying true to your own style and vision and not being swayed by opinions, comments or even trends is so important when embarking on your wedding dress journey.

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Trends are a great source of inspiration but don’t be defined by them (and yes, that’s coming from a stylist!). Knowing your body and what works best for your shape are the most important tools when dressing for any occasion, especially your wedding.
The best way to filter down that scrapbook of magazine cut outs you’ve been collecting of your dream dress is to try on, try on, try on.
You’ll hear about it time and time again, the girl who wanted the big ball skirt traditional wedding gown UNTIL she saw it on herself and felt like a cream puff, instead opting for a sleek fit and flare style gown that she had never even imagined herself in.
A great and popular way to try on those different styles is to make a fun girls day out, visiting bridal boutiques with your posse to determine what silhouette works best for you.
(That is YOU, not your besty, or your mum or the bridal sales person).

You want to be, feel and look like yourself on what is such a magical and special day in your life.
If you’ve never been one to wear your hair up or normally steer clear of make-up, perhaps your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with a sleek bun or black smokey eyes, instead aim to create a more refined polished version of your everyday look.
Be you, stay true to yourself, your own personal style and your own vision.
When we feel great about ourselves it shines through and a confident, comfortable (depending on just how tight that dress is) bride is a happy bride.