Take advantage of technology with these fun and helpful wedding-friendly apps that will make planning your big day a breeze, writes Miranda Lubywedding-apps

You know what they say, there’s an app for everything. That’s even true when it comes to planning your wedding and there are plenty of ways these clever apps can help you out.
First things first is getting the word out. Let people know about your wedding plans with Appy Couple. This stylish little app lets you design an elegant and interactive wedding website right from your phone. You can share your story, keep guests updated on the event, share photos and even take song requests.
For creative ideas and bridal inspiration, you can’t beat Pinterest. As soon as you spot something that makes you swoon, whether it be a pattern in a friend’s dress or a type of flower blossoming on a tree, capture it on the app’s built-in camera and upload it straight to your on-the-fly wedding inspiration board.
Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can use the Moleskine Journal app to illustrate anything, like wedding invitation designs, with the complete digital artist’s tool set.
Most of these apps might be free but your wedding certainly won’t be, which is why you will definitely need a budgeting app to stay on top of all the expenses for the big day.
Wedding Budget lets your track your finances for each aspect of the wedding with plenty of detail – you can even create a pie chart.
By this point you’re going to need a digital home for all the essential information for your wedding and you’re going to save yourself a huge headache if it’s made easy to share and collaborate on.
The Evernote app lets you organise text, photos, graphs and all sorts of media in simple packages and share it with your partner or wedding planner.
This way you can all have access to things like guest lists, invite mockups and vendor contact information. It also syncs across all your devices.
You’re bound to be in almost constant contact with a lot of the people involved in your big day, which is where the Groups app comes in handy. Manage all your contacts into groups such as vendors, family and bridal party so you can group email or text them easily right from the app.
As for the registry, WeddingScan is a wedding registry app that allows you to register for any item from any store simply by scanning a product’s barcode or taking a photo of it and adding a description.
If you’re planning to run your wedding music, or part of it, from your iPhone, check out the clever Wedding DJ app.
You can use the songs from your iTunes to play playlists that will keep your party going all night.
Okay, now you’re getting pretty excited and you probably have a countdown in your head already but have some fun and make it official with the Wedding Countdown app.
You can even personalise it with your favourite photo or song.
And there’s even an app for the big day.
Wedding Party lets your friends and loved ones share all the photos from the event in the one place. Afterwards, you can also upload all the shared pictures to Facebook straight from the app and live ’appily ever after.