Truffleduck owner Deb Nash has seen more than her fair share of weddings but it was a dream come true seeing her beloved daughter Jessica say “I do”, as Miranda Luby finds out.


Photography: Trevor Cooke Photography

Nothing compares to the feeling of being a mother-of-the-bride for the first time but for Deb Nash it was extra sweet.
The owner of catering company and function venue Truffleduck has been at more than 1500 weddings in her time in the business. So when her daughter, Jessica Murray, got married earlier this year it was like a dream come true.
“It was the most special day and such a beautiful family experience,” says Deb, who let her emotions take over from her professional impulses for the big day.
“I truly remember every wedding I’ve catered for and have loved them all so much. But this … this was just ‘wow’.”
Deb and Jessica have always been close.
“We love going to Pilates together and watching the football,” says Deb, with clear adoration in her voice. “We’re very similar people and are great friends.”
Adds Jessica: “My mum and my family are absolutely everything to me.”
It was this special bond that made every part of her daughter’s wedding so emotional for Deb. In fact, her mother-of-the-bride instincts kicked in from the moment Adam proposed to Jessica.
“Twelve months to the day after they met my husband and I were walking along the beach and I turned to him and said, ‘do you think he will propose today?’” Deb laughs.
“My husband asked me what would make me think that. But it turns out he knew as Adam had asked him permission. The next minute Jessica rang and I burst into tears.”
For Jessica, 28, planning for a wedding with her mum’s experience on her side proved invaluable, while both made sure the day was all about Jessica and Adam.
“It was perfect because Adam and I would come up with what we wanted – I had a clear picture of what I wanted my wedding to be – and, once it was decided, I could ask mum for her professional opinion about if it was going to work or if there was anything I hadn’t thought of,” Jessica explains.


Photography: Trevor Cooke Photography

Adds Deb: “In my profession I know what makes a wedding work and what doesn’t, but at the end of the day it was always Jessica’s decision. I was just there to help.”
The morning of the wedding was one of the highlights for Deb and Jessica, who snuggled in bed and got ready together before having family photos.
Despite both admitting to being ‘stress heads’, the pair promised each other they would take their watches off in the morning and not let anyone tell them the time all day.
“Neither of us wanted to worry about what was going to happen or how it was going to go,” Jessica says.
“We just wanted to be in the moment.”
Adds Deb: “I thought it was going to be hard for me given what I do for a living but once I had my beautiful family around me it was easy to let go. It was incredible working with all Geelong suppliers as I knew them and knew what a brilliant job they would do.”
Jessica’s elegant and classic wedding was held at the Lorne Hotel. She was dressed in a French silk dress designed by Karen Bourdamis from Pearls & Roses Bridal, who also designed and made the bridesmaid dresses and Jessica’s Nana’s outfit.
“I felt like the luckiest bride in the world to have both sets of grandparents with me on my wedding day,” Jessica says.
And despite Deb’s hand in the planning, Jessica made sure there were a few special surprises for her mum on the big day including the stunning sequined party dress she changed into for the reception, and a certain special song.
“Their signing of the register song was the same song my husband and I had at our wedding,” Deb says.
“When I realised I looked over at Jessica and she was beaming at me and I just lost it. It was such a special moment.”