Photography: Nikole Ramsay Photographer. Styling and props: Desirable Days

Rules are made to be broken and the traditional rules of sitting on the bride or groom’s side doesn’t have to apply. Try this cute DIY from to ensure both sides of the family enjoy each other’s company on the day

You will need
Paint brushes
Sand paper
Wood glue
Timber boards
Support timber


1. Depending on what timber you are using, sand back and brush down the timber to clean (we used old weatherboards that had been sitting outside for a while so they were very dirty and needed a good clean).
2. On a flat surface, arrange your timber ensuring they fit neatly next to one another with no gaps in between.
3. Using the wood glue, glue the timber pieces together for added strength. The glue will dry clear so it doesn’t matter if you are a little messy with it.
4. On the back of the sign, hammer the support timber. Make sure the nails aren’t too long that they go through the front of the sign.
5. Using a grey lead pencil first, roughly write down your script on the timber. Once you are happy with the script and the way it fits on the timber, use the paint brush to paint the script. Go over the paint a couple of times to make sure the script is easy to read.