The modern man does more than just look sharp while waiting for his bride at the altar. Jemma Ryan takes a look at some of the styles that are popular with guys tying the knot.


Joe Black suit, stocked at Eddy Elias Menswear, Geelong.

Some women spend years fantasising about their dream grown and months shopping for or constructing a dress that will emphasise their favourite features and make them feel like the very best version of themselves.
And while the groom may not have been daydreaming of his wedding attire since primary school, he too is entitled to something that makes him feel a million bucks.
Eddy Elias Menswear owner Andrew Durante says it’s increasingly common that the leading man has a say about what he will wear on the big day.
And it turns out they’ve got plenty of choices to navigate.
The first fashion fork in the road presents two options: current trends, or classic formal.
But rest assured within both categories there are a plethora of options to complement every venue, colour scheme, climate and personality.
“We’re doing everything from super formal to smart casual,” Andrew says.
“And it’s open slather these days, some even do chinos, vests and brown shoes — anything goes.”
This new era of style savvy men has revolutionised the wearability of a suit so, while the decision to buy or borrow the guys wedding attire used to come down to budget, the ability to mix and match items of clothing for different formal occasions means the outfit is a solid investment.
“The difference between an everyday suit or business suit or fashion suit or wedding suit is now gone,” Andrew says.


New England clothing has a range of two and three-piece suits in on-trend blue and grey hues. Both labels are stocked at Eddy Elias Menswear, Geelong.


“The trend is to buy now because most of  the choices that people make for weddings now you can still use for racing or as an everyday suit.”
The mens fashion forecast is showing plenty of similarities to last season with dark, moody hues making a return in the suit stakes.
Black, grey and navy tones in two and three-piece ensembles are predicted to fly off the shelves.
Looking further into the future Andrew expects some guys will push the envelope with lighter shades while others will put a modern twist on an old classic.
“Some of the light greys and pale blues are coming through, even into your pastel sky blues and silver greys,” he says.
“And dinner suits with different lapels will be in too, like a charcoal dinner suit with a black satin lapel.”
Much like the contemporary bridesmaid, a groomsman’s attire is not so uniform anymore and there is plenty of scope for each member of the wedding to personalise in their own way.
For many bridal parties, the tie offers an opportunity to introduce a splash of colour or unify the girls and guys by using the tone of the flowers or the bridesmaid dresses as the feature.
Andrew reiterates the importance of having at least one common element that ties your loved ones together so that when it comes time for photos there aren’t too many competing elements.
Both long ties and bow ties of various materials are in vogue this season but how much you spend on this finishing touch is dependent on your individual budget.


New England clothing has a range of two and three-piece suits in on-trend blue and grey hues. Both labels are stocked at Eddy Elias Menswear, Geelong.

As-seen-on-gt-Bride-gtbride.com.au-groomed2A timeless block colour shirt is still the goto look for lads, with majority opting for white and ivory tones. Those mixing it up are favouring a fine check shirt paired with a bow tie for a quirky daytime look.
Andrew observes that the time fuss-free dressers may have saved on choosing a colour or pattern is often spent trying to find the perfect shape or size.
“The most important thing is having the right fit; everyone seems to want a nice slim, tailored shirt,” he says.
“But then you’ve got to be able to fit everybody in that look whether they’re an extra small or a 4XL.”
Braces, belts and cufflinks are to men what make-up, jewellery and clutches are to women and these important accessories should not be overlooked.
Browns and tans will continue to offer an on-trend alternative to classic black shoes but simple lace-ups are still the style of choice.
And keep an eye out for tie bars and pocket hankies which are both making a comeback.
The abundance of choices allows grooms, and their dapper sidekicks, to create a
unique look that exudes their personal taste.