Beautiful wedding stationery is a big part of setting the tone for your special day
so it’s essential to know what’s on trend and what suits your style


Peeling open the specially sealed envelope to a wedding invitation and peeking inside is
always an exciting moment. Whatever it reveals – vintage florals, classic white, romantic hues or handcrafting – a wedding invitation hints at the theme for the big day.
It’s a chance for the bride and groom to express themselves creatively and says so much about the couple’s personal style. But stationery means more than invitations; the theme flows on to service books, place cards, menus and thank you letters.
There are many factors that go into getting your dream wedding stationery just right such as colours, fonts, detailing and even the shape. So, how do you go about creating the perfect paper?

Kim-Selby-Photography-(2) Kim-Selby-Photography Julia-Archibald-Photography

Photography: 1 & 2 – Kim Selby Photography;  3 – Julia Archibald Photography

The first thing to consider is your wedding theme.
“Knowing what your wedding style will be is the biggest advantage when deciding on invitations,” says Chloe Smilevski from Geelong’s Pretty in Paper.
“Gather together photos and samples that inspire you and stick to your theme.”
If you are a classic bride and groom then off-white cards with romantic-hued detailing, ribbon and italic fonts in inky black would work beautifully. If your wedding is going to have a more rustic theme, you can create something vintage-inspired – think hand lettering, floral illustrations and simple brown twine.
This year, vintage florals, illustrations and nature motifs coupled with striking hand drawn text are trending as well as watercolour and ombre washes.
“The craft theme that was so in last season has led to more of a vintage and floral and arty theme,” Chloe says.
But a theme can also be as simple as one or a set of colours.
Think natural and understated flesh coloured tones.
“These look great against stark white backgrounds and add a romantic feel,”
Chloe says.
Thinking outside the box is also on trend this year with rectangular and square invites being replaced by curved edges and elegant die-cut shapes.
Have fun with your invitations and choose a unique or quirky shape that will excite your guests.
When you’ve decided on a general theme, the right font, Chloe says, is a detail not to be overlooked.

Ginger-and-Mint-Photography smitten-wedding-photography Simon-L.-King-Photographer

Photography: 1 – Ginger & Mint Photography; 2 – Smitten Wedding Photography:
3 – Simon L. King Photographer

“This can show off your personality and look really striking against your chosen background,” she says.
Handwritten and calligraphy fonts are popular this year but if you have a modern wedding you will want to stick to clean lines.
When it comes to the amount of information you put on your wedding invitation, the best advice is to keep it simple.
“Put as little as your can on the actual invitation and place any extra text on an information card,” Chloe suggests.
“This way you can keep your invitation looking elegant and simple and not overcrowd it.”
And once your invitations are decided on, you can let your theme flow on to any other wedding stationery your want to include like service books, place cards, menus, seating plans and thank you letters.
“It can be nice to have a flow between all the stationery to really complement the style of your big day,” Chloe says.


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Photography: 1 – Stephlee Photography; 2 – Corey & Kez Jye; 3 – Alan Moyle Wedding Photographer