Getting ready to walk down the aisle in the new year?
Here are our top tips to kick off your
summer fitness campaign

Running isn’t for everyone, and Crossfit isn’t always going to tick all the boxes, either. Take time to discover a workout that gets you buzzing afterwards.
And don’t be afraid to venture outside the standard gym classes – consider joining your local volleyball team, finding out about martial arts or signing up for ballet or ballroom dancing lessons. Equally as important is figuring out which time of day works best for you. Getting up early will ease those pangs of guilt you may feel if you can’t find the motivation for an after-work run. It doesn’t hurt to have a back-up plan for lazy days, too. Buy some of the basics for a home workout and do some push-ups, crunches and lunges at home.

There’s a world of activewear out there, but it’s important to choose the right pieces for your workout to not only look good but also feel good while looking after your body. Runners should opt for compression leggings – they’ll improve circulation and give structural support while pounding the pavement.
While running and yoga tights may look the same, they do have differences that are activity appropriate.
Running tights are firmer in the waist, and usually have a drawstring and a handy pocket for your key.
Yogis should choose pieces with enough give so you can bend while remaining supported, while gym and fitness circuit fans can invest in a good pair of shorts that will stay out of the way of machines. For most workouts, moisture wicking fabrics are going to be best for the warmer months. The polyester blends draw the sweat away from the body and keep you cool and dry. Consider being fitted for a supportive sports bra, and keep your joints safe with supportive shoes. For extra comfort during summer workouts, opt for a shoe with breathable mesh for ventilation.



From pocket personal trainers to blissed-out virtual studios, there’s a mobile companion to keep everyone motivated while ramping up their routine. Fancy visiting New York’s Central Park from your living room? Virtual Runner is a bank of high definition videos of the world’s best courses, with the option to include the harmonious sounds from the locations. For those who can’t get to a yoga class, Yoga Studio is a virtual studio filled with pre-loaded workouts for all skill levels. There’s even meditation classes. For beginners, there’s the old favourite Couch to 5K which has successfully helped thousands of devotees reach the goal in nine weeks, and, for the time poor there’s the Seven Minute Workout Challenge, filled with high-intensity training that is said to be equivalent to a one-hour workout.

A personal trainer can start you off on the right track and help you build not only a good routine, but good workout habits. The initial outlay can be costly, but consider where you can cut back in other areas in order to make the investment in your healthy future. Reinforcing earlier advice, it’s important that you feel good after your workout so make sure you’re vocal and honest about your goals with your new fitness buddy so they can get the best results for you. They’ll also be there to spot you, teach you new exercises and support you through your
days when you’re not feeling your brightest.
Most importantly, they’ll keep you accountable because with an appointment you’re less likely to skip workouts.


Never underestimate the power of looking good to give you that extra
boost of fitness inspo. Here are some designs we’re lusting after


1. The Hydra bottle, $39 from The Upside
2. Brasilia 6 small duffel bag, $34.95 from Nike
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4. Compression 3/4 tights, $139.95 from 2XU
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6. Adidas by Stella McCartney Atani Bounce shoe, $179.95 from Adidas