IN A WORLD OF GOOD TASTE chic career in fashion design is just a taste of Alice Broadway’s creative talent.
During the day, you could find the Geelong West fashion designer sketching designs in her role as head swimwear designer at All About Eve, but by night she’s usually whipping up creations of the more delicious kind.
Today, Alice launches her cake-making venture, Alice Broadway Cake Designs, fulfilling a passion she has had since she was a little girl.
“My mum taught me how to bake, and early on instilled in me a love of the whole baking process,” Alice, 32, says.
It was actually her mum who inspired her to further explore the intricate art of cake decorating.
“I made mum a fondant cake for her birthday two years ago, and I fell in love with it,” she explains.
“Before then, I baked biscuits and made cakes and meringues, but I never decorated them.”
Since then, Alice – who some may recognise by her former Instagram moniker Miss Messy Baker – has cleverly designed gorgeous cakes for weddings, milestone birthdays and special events.
There’s the silver embellished cake she made to resemble sequined fabric for a dressmaker’s birthday, a candy and chocolate cake for a sweet tooth’s 30th and a geometric cake to match a couple’s industrial-themed wedding.
When gt talks to Alice about her scrumptious treats, it’s quickly clear that fashion and baking go hand-in-hand.
As she follows trends at her day job, she finds they often translate beautifully onto her cakes.
“I’m always looking at trends and never want to get stuck in a style rut,” says Alice, who studied fashion design at The Gordon.
“I’m following the trends for weddings, which are generally the same for what is used in fashion and homewares, like the copper cake I made recently. Copper, and metallics in general, is everywhere at the moment.”
For Alice, baking a cake goes far beyond the traditional process of buying ingredients and cooking them up in the kitchen.
Following an initial meet and greet with a client, Alice creates a mood board filled with inspiration and also gives the option of creating it digitally on Illustrator.
“I like being able to give them a visual reference point,” she explains, proving that the package is all reflective of her designer background.
Making people happy fuels the creative fire for Alice, and she also loves being a part of people’s special celebrations.
“I love to make people happy, and my cakes do genuinely make my clients happy because they see how special they are and how much time goes into them,” says Alice, who cooks up her cakes in her second kitchen based on the Bellarine Peninsula.
A wedding cake, for example, can take Alice up to two weeks to create, and that’s only the manual side. Because of the design phase, she recommends allowing at least four months notice for weddings and at least two weeks for special occasions.
“It is a bit of a process,” she says, smiling.
“But it is something that is really special to me because I get to create it with my own hands and see the finished result.”
As Alice launches her business, she’s also celebrating another professional milestone, with All About Eve releasing a dedicated clothing line internationally.
The brand, aimed at 18-22 year-old women, is already stocked in Japan, South Africa and Europe, and online on ASOS, but it’s the first time the Geelong label has created two separate clothing lines, one for each hemisphere.
“I’m proud of each collection as it comes through for each new season, but this really is a milestone,” she says, pointing out some shots from the shoot that will launch the new range, shot locally near the You Yangs.
Travelling is a big part of the role, and this year Alice travelled to the US to immerse herself in inspiration before penning the new range.
“We see what’s happening first-hand – what’s in the windows and what people are wearing on the street,” she says, forecasting 70s inspired looks, retro colours, fun stripes and dungarees as big trends for summer.
Other research destinations have included Japan and the UK, and also local music festivals.
“Because we focus on young women, we find that our target customer is one that goes to music festivals,” she explains.
“It was good fun going along, spotting a girl wearing All About Eve and going up and talking to them about what they loved about a design I had created.”
It’s no surprise that Alice is always impeccably dressed, or that she can’t really get away with showing up to a dinner party empty-handed.
But she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“My friends usually do hope I bring the dessert,” Alice says, laughing.

Alice’s website will launch next month. In the meantine, check out her creations at