Why you need a wedding stylist

As-seen-in-Geelong-Bride-geelongbride.com.au-Photo-Enchanted-Wedding-Photography_003 Imagine this.
It’s your wedding day morning. You’re just about to pop the champagne when you receive a call from your florist about a blooming disaster, or your venue phones with a last-minute change of set-up plans.
Those champagne bubbles quickly start to pop.
Enter: your wedding stylist.
Far more than just a buzzword in the wedding industry, a stylist is your savvy sidekick who can help you with all those last-minutes emergencies and more so you can get on with putting the special into your special day.
But what exactly does a wedding stylist do? We chatted to Shonel Bryant of Nomad Styling to find out more about her role in couples’ dream days.
It was actually during her own wedding planning and styling, which Shonel did all on her own, that she realised the necessity of a stylist.
“I should have known better – the morning was so stressful and the end result was not as perfect as I’d hoped for,” the self-confessed perfectionist says.
It’s an experience she doesn’t want any other bride to go through. As-seen-in-Geelong-Bride-geelongbride.com.au-Photo-Enchanted-Wedding-Photography_002
After all, your wedding day morning should be about pre-ceremonial celebrations with your girls.
“Apart from making the entire wedding process stress-free, having a stylist gives you the confidence that your wedding day will look exactly how you want it to and you don’t have to worry about a thing,” Shonel says.
“It’s difficult trying to explain this to someone before you are able to show them the difference it can make. After the wedding day the couple really understands that they made the right decision getting a stylist on board. We’ve never had anyone regret the decision, let’s just say that!”
After hearing your vision for your big day, a stylist sets about creating and tailoring your dream day.
A good wedding stylist is immersed in everything bridal. They know the best people to go to for each unique vision, they’re up-to-date with – and setting – the latest trends and many of them have a creative background to boot.
While it’s easy enough to choose the venue and menu for your big day, there are so many other finer details to consider in order to create a cohesive final result that will woo your guests. As-seen-in-Geelong-Bride-geelongbride.com.au-Photo-Enchanted-Wedding-Photography_008Your stylist is there early on to not only source the perfect finishing touches to create your unique wow factor, but to then put it all together for you on the day.
“Getting everything just right is a much bigger process than people may think and one that gets a much more jaw-dropping result in the end,” Shonel says.
For those ready to enlist the help of a professional, Shonel advises getting a stylist on board as early as possible. She recommends firstly researching those close by, and choosing someone whose aesthetic suits what you envision.
“As much as we can all style any kind of look, you’re best to hire a company whose work resonates with you,” she says.
After you have your shortlist, get in touch with the stylist, go over pricing and ask as many questions as you need to.
“You generally know pretty quickly if it feels right or not,” she says.
“Go with your gut because you’re going to be having a lot to do with them over the coming months so you want to get along. We’re good friends with most of our past brides  – three of them have recently asked us to style their houses, too! We love this and wouldn’t have it any other way.”
And, with a stylist in the picture, what is a bride left to do on her wedding day morning? “Enjoy her morning with her bridal party – pure and simple,” she says. As-seen-on-Geelong-Bride-geelongbride.com.au-_-nomadstyling_Photo_-Enchanted-Wedding-Photography

Shonel’s top styling tip:
“Have one big wow factor. Creating a talking point for your guests is always a good thing and something people remember after the big day. This season two of our faves was a giant dream catcher suspended above a dance floor at a bohemian wedding, and at another wedding a massive concrete feature wall with the names of the couple made from copper letters filled with beautiful flowers. Pick one thing and don’t overdo it.”

Click here for more of Shonel’s work from her styled shoot, Free Spirited.

Styling: Shonel Bryant, Nomad Styling Photography: Enchanted Wedding Photography

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