It’s your big day and you want to shine bright right from your walk down the aisle through to boarding the plane to your honeymoon.
So what happens when you wake up in the morning with a huge pimple, or you’re left badly sunburnt from celebrating at the beach the day before? Don’t despair, there’s a quick fix for almost every beauty blunder, says Geelong make-up artist Emma McFarlane of Blush Makeup Artistry.
“I have seen it all,” says Emma, who throughout her 15 years in the industry has witnessed and overcome many a wrinkle, hundreds of coldsores and thousands of pimples.
“From a bridesmaid who had literally cooked her face in the solarium, to another who needed her whole tattoo sleeve covered. I have even needed to camouflage a groom’s black eye who had way too much fun at the bucks night.”
To make sure your bridal beauty is memorable for all the right reasons, Emma advises two main pearls of make-up wisdom.
“Ensure your make-up artist uses waterproof mascara – even if you’re not usually an emotional type you never know what may happen on the big day,” she explains.
“And do not, under any circumstances, try any new wonder products on the lead-up to your big day – your wedding day is not the time to discover a new allergy.”
But, if something does go wrong, here’s Emma’s quick fixes that will wipe away those pre-ceremony tears in no time.
You’ve woken up with a pimple on your big day.
Whatever you do, don’t squeeze it. It is so much easier for us to decrease the appearance of a blemish if it is not weeping and bleeding. In case of an emergency days before the big event, get to your dermatologist or skin care professional for some extra TLC.
You were so excited you couldn’t sleep and now have puffy eyes.
Ensure you sleep with your head propped up by a pillow to help drain excess fluid from around your eyes. Avoid lots of alcohol the evening before (put down that last champagne!), flush with eyedrops in the morning and relieve the puffiness with cold, wet teabags. Your make-up artist can do the rest by using particular contouring techniques to lessen and reduce the effects to give you bright gorgeous peepers once more.
You’re sunburnt.
Brides try so hard on the lead-up to the big day to get a natural summer glow but with that can come strap marks, or worse still – sunburn. Ouch! Strap marks can be evened out with bronzing creams or powders, depending on your dress style. If your face has been burned, keep it hydrated. Make-up artists can neutralise redness with green corrective creams but it is more difficult when the skin is peeling, so you keep it moistened and we’ll do the rest.
Your spray tan turned you bright orange.
The technology of tans has come in leaps and bounds and it should be very hard to get a bad tan these days, especially with the violet-based tans on the market. However, if your tan has turned you into an Oompa Loompa, try applying lemon juice to the skin to reduce the colour. Baking soda will also help but it will also exfoliate the skin – which may be a good option if you want to remove it altogether.
Your eyebrow wax went terribly wrong, and left your brows very sparse.
This may seem the worst thing in the world at the time, but trust me it’s going to be OK! Your make-up artist should have an abundance of brow products such as pencils, powders, gels and waxes to softly and naturally add back what was taken from you. They may even be able to enhance the shape even more.
You’ve been struck with a dreaded coldsore.
Worse than rain on your wedding day! If you are prone to coldsores, remember that stress is a major cause. At the first hint of tingling get your medicated cream out – this can suppress the blistering phase and shorten the duration. A heavy cream concealer will also be your best friend. Start with a very small amount and, if necessary, build up gradually to avoid cakiness. Top with a very light dusting of finishing powder and viola – coldsore is gone! Remember, too, that eyes are drawn to colour so perhaps avoid the red lipstick and go for a stronger eye to bring everyone’s attention higher on your gorgeous face.

For your full lowdown on bridal beauty – plus what to pack in your rescue kit in case of a make-up emergency, make sure you see our latest edition of Geelong Bride magazine, available at newsagents or online on our app.

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